Josh Hamilton Named AL’s Outstanding Player By Fellow Players

Huge honour for Josh Hamilton today.  Texas Rangers Blog is reporting that Hamilton has been named the AL’s Most Outstanding Player as voted by his fellow players.  His NL counterpart is Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.


2 Responses to Josh Hamilton Named AL’s Outstanding Player By Fellow Players

  1. Crawdaddy says:

    Hi, I’m Rob Crawford, the guy who wrote, “Why Kids Love Josh Hamilton.” I am flattered that you referred to it here in this great blog. I just went and read my article again and I actually got teary-eyed reading it, even though I wrote it and knew the whole thing by heart. My son has no idea about Josh’s addictions, he just loves him because he made himself accessible to fans that day last May. An addendum to that — a friend of mine from North Carolina came to a game with me at Fenway later in the summer, with his wife and young children. It was against the Rangers, and he told me he really hoped to get a Josh Hamilton autograph. Yes, lightining struck twice. Josh was signing before the game and my friend got an autograph and, even better, a photo of Josh with his children. Why don’t more baseball players “get it” like Josh does??

  2. Its great that he has the appeal for such a diverse range of people. Kids love him because he has made great pains to be available to sign autographs throughout the season. People with a few more years under their belt love him and can see the consequences of bad decisions, and also the path he took to claw his way back into a ‘normal’ life.

    Baseball would be an exciting place indeed if more players took his stance. I love hearing stories about people meeting him, and they are pretty much universally positive. Thanks for your blog entry, and thanks for checking out mine.

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