Beyond Belief: Link to an Excerpt

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy of Josh’s book, Beyond Belief, but until it actually shows up I have been browsing blogs and book reviews about it.  Today, I found a blog with a lengthy excerpt about Hamilton’s days just starting out playing ball.  He hit his first real home run at age 7 off a 12 year old named Larry Trantham.  Check it out here. From what I’ve read, it seems like one of those books that is well written and will just fly by.  Until you look up and realise its 9 PM  and you haven’t eaten since lunch.  I like books like that.


2 Responses to Beyond Belief: Link to an Excerpt

  1. recordstyle says:

    I had a long train-ride to Virginia from New Jersey – and purchased the book the night before minutes before the bookstore closed to make sure I had me some fun/exciting/interesting/moving/uplifting reading on the trip.

    The book was all that and more. Plenty of paragraphs were mirrored from previous articles, interviews, older web-clips that you can google and find; but it was overwhelmingly “fresh” in it’s stories and moments shared with the reader. Nothing “over the top” at all – it was his story to share – and that was great to read. You feel like a 10 year old in little-league reading the baseball moments, and you feel like a 70 year old man who lived a long life with bumps and bruises but made it in the end.

    Great book, great guy, great site, great job to one and all for supporting the book sales too!

    ps – best part about it for me was using one of my UD Masterpieces doubles that I had of him as a bookmark. Baseball cards and a book about a baseball player go hand in hand!

  2. I often use my extra base cards as book marks. I always seem to have one or two lying around, and I can never find an actual bookmark.

    I’m glad to hear your review – long trips are my favorite time to pick up a new book.

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