The future….

A rather weighty title for this post, I realize.  While browsing the Rangers website, I came across this mailbag section dealing with Hamilton’s future in Texas.  As the writer states, locking up Hamilton long term is likely a priority for the Rangers.  Its not an immediate concern, as Hamilton isn’t eligible for free agency for another 4 seasons.  The writer says the Rangers would likely be looking to lock him up for those 4 years, and possibly another 1 or 2 seasons beyond that.  This isn’t based on any rumours or anything concrete – its just a Texas beat writer speculating about what is a likely scenario.

In my perfect world, Hamilton gets traded to the Blue Jays.  I know that’s not likely to happen, but a little bit further down in the article someone asks about trading Michael Young & Laird to the Jays for some pitching help (one of the Jays depth areas), so I’m going to keep my delusions for just a bit longer.  It would likely make collecting his cards easier, as TO seems to be a bit of a hobby black hole – at least for anyone not wearing Leafs duds.  In my ‘not perfect, but I can tolerate it’ world, Hamilton finishes his career without playing for either the Yankees or Red Sox.  They are great teams, but I just have a hard time cheering for them.


2 Responses to The future….

  1. Dave says:

    I just hope that Hamilton stays out of the A.L. East – I don’t want to see him with the Red Sox, Yankees, or the Blue Jays!

  2. If he ends up in the AL East, I hope its on the Jays. Every time I have caught him playing against the Jays, he always seems to do well, so there is no need for him to play against them more often. The NL would make it almost impossible for me to catch him on TV, as well.

    Staying in Texas is a great option for me. For me, they are a nice, neutral team.

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