Set Completion

Taking a step away from Hamilton for a moment (although he is in he set).  Friday’s mail brought this David DeJesus SP from 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter from a trade on Beckett.  It was a huge (relatively speaking) trade – about 80 cards.  I knocked off my base set, and then snagged about 40 minis as well.  Very productive.  It will be a while before I can announce the completion of the two mini sets I am working on (base and black bordered), but they are also progressing nicely.

And just so that we don’t get completely away from Hamilton – here’s another book review, by a blogger who acts as an independent book reviewer.  Its actually two reviews in one, as she offers up her non-reader husband’s opinion as well.  So, if that description suits you, the baseball part might be enough to hook you in.


3 Responses to Set Completion

  1. Sally says:

    You can use my words, but please give me credit for them. Please list my blog URL:

  2. The link is there when I provided the review. I didn’t really ‘use your words’ but the URL is in the comments now as well.

  3. AdamE says:

    I have some 08 A&G minis and black bordered minis to trade. Please contact me at ajpca at yahoo dot com for a list. Hope to hear from you.

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