Another Review

Larry Brown over at has also posted a review of Hamilton’s book.  Its another positive review which I find encouraging.  Well, positive about the book.  He uses the word ‘disgusting’ several times to describe Hamilton’s behavior and addictions.  I have no doubt that is apt.  Overall, the books seems to be well-received, even with the acknowledgment that the subject matter is at times none too appealing.

I love reading books even if I know the ending, so I relish the little tidbits that are trickling out in the reviews and excerpts that are getting posted.  In this one – a note that Hamilton bested Jose Canseco in a Home Run contest during Devil Rays spring training.

I am heading into a long weekend (I love Canada’s early Thanksgiving when it happens, but I am annoyed when I don’t get the time off in November for American Thanksgiving as well), so updates might be sporadic, but I will try to get some cards scanned and track down a few more book reviews.


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