UD Ballpark Collection – Octo Jersey

This is my first card from any player / collection / set above a dual jersey, so I was pretty psyched when I saw that Hamilton had made the cut for some of the multi-jerseys.  He has two octos (one an outfielders theme seen below, and one a Texas Rangers / Houston Astros theme), and two hexa jerseys (same themes but with two less players on each).   At first, I thought this might be another set where I would be window shopping because the cards would be out of my price range.  I was somewhat happy and somewhat dismayed to see that wasn’t the case.  These cards (at least for my player) were selling for almost appallingly low prices.  Good for me, bad for anyone who was busting the product.  Its a great looking product – and surprisingly free of the dings that usually come with the really thick cards that are issued.

I was slightly annoyed that UD had reverted to picturing Josh in his Reds gear, but was informed that MLB had mandated that UD use pictures of the players wearing the jersey of the team that the memorabilia was from.  Good policy as far as I am concerned.  I’ll take old, matching jerseys – as long as it wasn’t just laziness.  I’d like to see it in other sports as well.  All of the Hamilton jersey pieces I have seen on anything have been plain white or plain grey.  I did manage to end up with pinstriped pieces for Burrell and Willingham, so it breaks up the card a little bit.  There’s just not nearly as much colour in the average baseball jersey as there is in a hockey jersey – I’m still getting used to that.

And as a bit of a teaser – this isn’t the end of my own personal Ballpark Collection.  🙂


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