OK.  Please forgive me for the terrible title.  I have some cool new cards to show off, so I think it kind of makes up for it.  As you may have guessed, its a run of Hamiltons from Upper Deck X.

There’s the three easiest cards to knock off.  I am still on the lookout for a Gold Die Cut, and a Memorabilia card.  I haven’t seen a copy of either, but I’m sure they will show up eventually.  I like die-cutting, when it is used appropriately.  And sparingly.  When every set is die cut, it just gets boring.  Not to mention, die cuts are sometimes ridiculously easy to pull damaged from a pack.  No damage on this one though.  The XPonential inserts are actually very nicely done.  A little bit of holofoil, a very traditional photo, and it actually looks like it should be in a set called “Upper Deck X.”  Or SPx, but that’s a question for another day.


3 Responses to X-Cellent…

  1. lonestarr says:

    The XPonential cards call to mind UD3 from the late ’90s, which is a VERY good thing. Quality, classy cards like that never go out of style and are sorely missed nowadays. Very few cards that I’ve seen between ’98 UD3 and the XPonential cards from UDX today blend shininess and bright colors with class and solid design. What you did with XPonential Upper Deck, do more of that.

  2. UD3 was an interesting set. I’m not sure it would ever have worked as a long term venture, but the cards looked nice, and they were very different. I can definitely see the similarities to the XPonential inserts.

  3. Spiff says:

    Nice looking cards. I am looking forward to picking up some Rangers from that set.

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