Topps T206 Game Used Bat

Today’s card came from an eBay purchase.  It was from the same seller who had the Topps Fusion Jersey from yesterday’s post.  Both these cards had a rather circuitous journey to get to me, as the seller didn’t ship to Canada, so I had to get a friend to snag them and then ship them off to me.  I wish more baseball card sellers would ship to Canada, but there are a few more hoops to jump through, and Paypal doesn’t make it the safest way to ship by any means – so I get by with a little help from my friends.

On to the card itself – I love mini cards.  I am putting together both the base A&G minis and the black bordered minis from this year.  Really sharp looking sets.  Topps has had the plastic frames they use in A&G around for a little while.  They are used in this set, and they are also used on the jersey and autograph cards from 03/04 Topps C55 hockey (which also featured a stash of minis).  As for the swatch – bat pieces tend to be boring, unless they of the barrel variety (preliminary checklists show that Hamilton has a bat barrel card in UD’s upcoming Ultimate Collection).  This piece is no exception to the ‘boring’ rule, but it is a nice switch from jersey cards.


One Response to Topps T206 Game Used Bat

  1. aybayz says:

    for some reason, I really like cards that are framed.

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