Tag Interlude

I like checking my ‘Blog Stats’ page to see how people are stumbling across my blog.  I have lots of google searches (I must be right up there for ‘Josh Hamilton Tatto’ searches, as I get variations on that quite often), lots of other baseball card blogs, and a few message boards where I have the link in my signature.  More interesting to me are the readers who find my blog by clicking on some of the tags I have on the blog.  My favorite is when someone clicks on the “I swear to God I’ll pistol whip the next person who says shenanigans”.  To my knowledge, mine is the only blog entry with that tag, so they just get looped back here, but I am happy to know that there is at least one other Super Troopers fan watching this blog.  I hope you are as excited for the prequel as I am.

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