2002 UD Minor League Signature Collection

I snagged this card from a Best Offer on eBay.  I really like the Best Offer feature.  I dislike how some people use the best offer feature.  If I make an offer, its my ‘Best Offer’.  I’m a bit of a literalist.  So, if I offer 80% of your BIN price, that’s what I am willing to pay.  A counter offer of 2% below your price is just going to make me laugh.  As a seller, I only rarely counter offer.  When I get an offer of 30% of my BIN price, I’m going to assume you aren’t serious.  The cards I am listing aren’t the ones where someone has taken the going rate and added $1500 to.  My BIN price is typically the highest recent closed sale on eBay.  My auto-accept is usually the average going rate.  I used to just set the BIN at the average price, but I found my sales results were better when people could knock a few bucks off the price with an offer.  I understand that, my brain works the same way.

That’s my little eBay spiel for the day.  Bottom line:  be reasonable!  OK, now onto the card at hand.  I have always had a soft spot for minor league and junior issues for players of any sport.  This was a sweet hard signed autograph on a card with a nice, simple design.  I love cards with a big space for the player to sign.  Nice looking signature as well.  Hard signed cards give players a bit more room to spread out their sigs, and the result is pretty awesome.


One Response to 2002 UD Minor League Signature Collection

  1. Matt says:

    I agree entirely on the aesthetic charm of this card. Hard signed, large area for the signature, and also, I love cards that use white effectively. I’m a huge fan of Press Pass’ football and basketball offerings for this very reason.

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