Losing sucks.

September 21, 2008

My fantasy team is winning today, but the eBay account took a loss today on the card pictured to the left.  The listing is here. Went for $185.00.  I had predicted it would end up between $150 and $200, I was just hoping I would come out on top.  It happens.  Just figured I’d share the lows of player collecting (which, let’s face it, are really minor lows in the big scheme of things), to go along with some of the highs.


Tag Interlude

September 21, 2008

I like checking my ‘Blog Stats’ page to see how people are stumbling across my blog.  I have lots of google searches (I must be right up there for ‘Josh Hamilton Tatto’ searches, as I get variations on that quite often), lots of other baseball card blogs, and a few message boards where I have the link in my signature.  More interesting to me are the readers who find my blog by clicking on some of the tags I have on the blog.  My favorite is when someone clicks on the “I swear to God I’ll pistol whip the next person who says shenanigans”.  To my knowledge, mine is the only blog entry with that tag, so they just get looped back here, but I am happy to know that there is at least one other Super Troopers fan watching this blog.  I hope you are as excited for the prequel as I am.

2002 UD Minor League Signature Collection

September 21, 2008

I snagged this card from a Best Offer on eBay.  I really like the Best Offer feature.  I dislike how some people use the best offer feature.  If I make an offer, its my ‘Best Offer’.  I’m a bit of a literalist.  So, if I offer 80% of your BIN price, that’s what I am willing to pay.  A counter offer of 2% below your price is just going to make me laugh.  As a seller, I only rarely counter offer.  When I get an offer of 30% of my BIN price, I’m going to assume you aren’t serious.  The cards I am listing aren’t the ones where someone has taken the going rate and added $1500 to.  My BIN price is typically the highest recent closed sale on eBay.  My auto-accept is usually the average going rate.  I used to just set the BIN at the average price, but I found my sales results were better when people could knock a few bucks off the price with an offer.  I understand that, my brain works the same way.

That’s my little eBay spiel for the day.  Bottom line:  be reasonable!  OK, now onto the card at hand.  I have always had a soft spot for minor league and junior issues for players of any sport.  This was a sweet hard signed autograph on a card with a nice, simple design.  I love cards with a big space for the player to sign.  Nice looking signature as well.  Hard signed cards give players a bit more room to spread out their sigs, and the result is pretty awesome.