2008 SP Legendary Cuts Destination Stardom Memorabilia

This beauty was in the mail yesterday.  I’ve really liked the design of the card, ever since I first saw it on eBay.  Of course, I have an issue with paying $15 for a basic jersey card, so I had held off picking it up for a while.  Then, I managed to snag it in a trade on Beckett a couple weeks ago, and it was all good.

I’m about 50/50 on the Beckett changes.  I like the new trade system, I like the My Collections and OPG, and I like how there is a lot of ‘stuff’ to do.  For trades, I just set the entire Josh Hamilton collection to ‘wants’ and then it shows me who has those cards available for trade.  And, my all time favorite – its completely eliminated the “Please check my bucket” line for trades.  I hate Photobucket trade lists.  The message boards are pretty much toast, but I find myself OK with that, as there are lots of other places to talk cards out there.

Also, I finally bit the bullet and picked up a Nintendo Wii yesterday.  So, updates may be sporadic while I attempt to box my way to a Pro ranking on Wii Sports.

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