Maildays I will likely never be posting

I’m a ‘never say never’ type of person, but I feel fairly confident that there are a few items I will not be adding to my Hamilton collection.  I stumble across these in my daily (OK, hourly) eBay searches.  I’ve refined my search quite a bit, but I just haven’t found an “I’d never buy that” filter.  In no particular order, here’s my top three weird Hamilton items on eBay.

Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers MLB 2 Sided Dog Tag – I probably would have been all over this in my early teen years, so I am not knocking the product itself.  I’m just no longer its target audience.

SC Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton Pop Art Print – I think I could do this in Photoshop, I just have no desire to try it.

Josh Hamilton Game Used Rookie Base Cardinals 2007 – I guess this is a sign of just how hot Hamilton is.  I mean, this should be an Albert Pujols game used base as well, shouldn’t it?  No wonder my pickups have been tailing off.  No picture for this one.  If you don’t want to click through to the link, just imagine what a used base looks like, and you’ve got it.


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