Ripken / Hamilton Autograph

I was looking through my older entries today, and I actually can’t believe I hadn’t posted this beauty up before.  After the identification process, I’m just going to let this little guy speak for itself.  what we have here is:  2007 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures Cal Ripken Jr. All Rookie Team Autographs Silver Spectrum #RAR17 Cal Ripken Jr. / Josh Hamilton (to give the technical term).  The Silver Spectrum is the 1/1 version.  Pretty much the cornerstone of my collection.


4 Responses to Ripken / Hamilton Autograph

  1. Hockey Ink says:

    Love your blog. If you want 1990 topps baseball cards let me know.


  2. jcfoote says:

    Wow… great card. I’m quite envious.

  3. ejahnke says:

    UGH! I want that card…so nice!!
    And to think I was happy grabbing up a Topps Chrome blue the other day…:)

  4. Well, I still don’t have a Topps Chrome Blue, so you are up on me there.

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