2008 Allen & Ginter Box Break – the details

Here’s the text version of the break.  Scans should be upcoming.  Maybe.  Again, softball has taken over my life.  In our first playoff game yesterday, my brother hit a walk off home run on the first pitch of the inning though, so I can’t really complain about any of that.

N43: Ryan Howard

Relics: Ichiro Jersey, Chipper Jones Jersey, Jermaine Dye Jersey (pinstripe), Jay Gibbons bat

World’s Greatest Victory Code Card: 2004 ALCS

World Leaders Minis: Michelle Bachelet Jeria (Chile); Vladimir Vladmiovich Putin (Russia)

Baseball Icons Minis: Honus Wagner

Ancient Icons Minis: Confucius

No Numbered Minis: Justin Masterson

Black Bordered Minis: Rampage Jackson, Empire State Building

Regular Minis: Wang (53); Bowker (99); Hoffman (114); Shelley (158); Picasso (172); Putz (205); Douglass (227); Blackburn (253); Van dam (278); Feliz (293); Ethier (318); Drew (325)

A&G Back Minis: Thomas (68); Mitchell (119); Bonderman (222); Oswalt (225); Bruce (273)

States: Schilling; Bannister; Milledge; Markakis; Granderson; Blake; Papelbon; Stauffer; Teixera; Varitek; Gordon; Jeter; Rodriguez; Ellsbury; Konerko; Ellis; Helton; Lyon; Wright; Buck

I am doing the base set, black bordered mini set, and base mini set for myself.  I was pretty pleased with the four relics.  I started off with the Gibbons bat and Dye jersey and was feeling pretty glum if those were going to be my two hits for the box.  Then the Ichiro and Jones surfaced, and I was a lot happier.  The Masterson NNO was a nice bonus as well.  Comments and questions about my break are welcome.


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