2008 A&G Box Break – the important stuff!

You guys didn’t think ‘the important stuff’ would be something else, did you?  Suffice to say, these cards are beautiful, and there is nothing better than pulling a card of ‘your guy’.

I don’t have time for the full breakdown of my box here.  I have a softball playoff game shortly, and I have a bad wheel from an ill advised slide in last night’s game.  I hope to get a full breakdown up tomorrow, but we shall see.

Don’t worry, I am not witholding a giant pull from you guys – no 1/1s, or weird hair cards here.   Just what I think was a nice solid box that got me a big stack of cards I like.  I’m not greedy.  If I could get that every time I opened a box, I’d do it much more often!


5 Responses to 2008 A&G Box Break – the important stuff!

  1. Dave says:

    So why is he wearing #52 on that card?

  2. I think its a spring training photo, before he officially had a jersye number assigned. Its the same number he is wearing in his MLB headshot too. I haven’t checked, maybe someone else on the Rangers had 32 to start out.

  3. recordstyle says:

    any cloth cards?!

  4. No cloth – added a new post with the basics of my break.

  5. ejahnke says:

    That is a sharp card, I will be looking for it!

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