100 RBIs

across the field wall

Originally uploaded by Boston Wolverine

Hamilton hit his 100th RBI earlier this weekend. I have been busy with my softball playoffs, so I haven’t had a chance to make a post commemorating this. I was browsing Flickr to see if there were any awesome pictures I could use to commemorate the moment. Lots of Home Run Derby shots, lots of generic hitting and fielding shots. And then I found this one.

I know Hamilton has expressed his regret about his tattoos, but they make him one of the only ball players I have ever seen who is recognizable from the elbows down. Its also a great shot of him signing autographs for fans. Something he apparently does quite frequently.

Congratulations on 100 RBIs. Is it too much to hope for 100 more?


2 Responses to 100 RBIs

  1. ejahnke says:


    Tricia, (please forgive any bad spelling that might occur here…it’s 12:30), I am beyond pumped after this evening when that “Josh fellow” signed some stuff for me…and more.

    Just FYI–no need to post this unless it’s coherent…I am not trying to show off TOO much… I am honestly humbled and really thrilled–so see the latest Beckett blog post!


  2. No worries – your post was a great read! Its awesome to read it, and I’d definitely post something much less coherent if the same thing happened to me.

    I would have probably used many, many more exclamation points!

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