Ginter Wood Mini 1/1 Tracker

If you are observant, you might notice that there is a new Link at the top of my blog.  If you didn’t notice it, take a quick peek, I’ll wait.  I have decided to attempt to keep track of the 1/1 Wood Minis from A&G as they surface.  I keep an eye on most major hobby sites, and eBay, so hopefully I can catch most of them.  If I missed one, or you happen to hear of one locally – I’d appreciate it if you could post a comment, or drop me an email.  If you can get a scan – that’s even better.  If I have scans, I’ll link them from the player name on the listing.

This has partly arose out of my selfish desire to track down the Hamilton 1/1, and also because I am just a little bit obsessive.  I doubt the Hamilton is in my budget (maybe it is in the box I have incoming), but I’d settle for getting to take a nice look at it.

And just for completeness – the tracker can be found here. I might move it, as I don’t really like the way Word Press renders the table, but if I can futz around with it a bit more, I might find something I like.  Any help on the project is appreciated.  I’ll update stats on it periodically as well.


One Response to Ginter Wood Mini 1/1 Tracker

  1. off topic

    Last night I had a Hamilton encounter of the third kind…check it.

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