Moments & Milestones 1/1

One of the mini projects for my Hamilton collection has been piecing together the Topps Moments & Milestones sets from this year, commemorating Hamilton’s 47 RBIs for the Reds last season.  Some people don’t like this idea for a set, and I understand that – its not for everybody.  I will admit, just from looking at the sell sheet info, I had no idea what was going on.  Once I saw the cards, I was good to go, and set about working on the sets.  My dream come true – a set of Josh Hamilton cards.  I am currently mostly done the base set /150, and picking away slowly at the Blacks (/25) and Blues (/10).

Why is this notable for today?  I could be posting about the fact that Hamilton homered last night (22nd on the season, I have lost count of his RBI total), I know.  When I checked my email this morning, the card to the left was the first one in my emailed “Hamilton Moments” search.  As an aside – you have no idea how many Precious Moments plates and dolls and such get listed with the word “Hamilton” in the title.  I’m still not sure what’s up with that.  The point it – this is maybe only the second 1/1 (it might even be the first) that I have seen out of the product.  At least Hamilton wasn’t one of the guys who ended up with a stack of overprinted 1/1s.

I don’t think I will be taking a run at this one.  I would eventually like to get a 1/1 from the set to top off my collection, but I want to wait until my other sets are closer to completion.  Having half finished projects around the house really annoys me.

One other reason for focusing on Moments & Milestones – I have been trying to get my 2008 sets to the 75% mark before the 2009 issues come out.  RBIs and Home Runs seem to be popular stats, and if Hamilton makes the cut again – those are going to be some monster sets.  His home run total could be close to his RBIs from last season, and his RBI total is just going to be, well – huge.


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