Wikipedia shenanigans

I love the word ‘shenanigans.’  I think most people do.  Especially those who love “Super Troopers” as much as I do.  I still can’t believe they got Brian Cox to play that part.

Back to the topic at hand.  This is Josh Hamilton’s Wikipedia page. Yes, in addition to being a card geek, I also sometimes engage in sideline geekery at Wikipedia. I can’t help it. I started when I was writing a paper at work. No, I don’t use it as a reliable source, that would be foolishness, and I’d fail anyone who used it as a source for any type of research. I was stuck trying to write, so I figured I would go somewhere else and write. Wikipedia ended up as that place.

After that little aside… Josh Hamilton’s Wikipedia page is pretty good. Its got a great picture (a rarity, as Wikipedia needs free images, so people have to donate them), and a bunch of text. Complimentary, but not especially creepy. The talk page for his article is where it gets interesting, specifically the section ‘Hello’. Yes, someone signed up for Wikipedia, under the username Josh Hamilton, and is offering to answer questions. And yes, someone immediately showed up to tell ‘Josh’ that he couldn’t do that.

And yes, its been a slow news day with no ball yesterday.  Hopefully, everyone is getting recharged to take a run at the second half of the season.


3 Responses to Wikipedia shenanigans

  1. JT says:

    Hi, I’m JT. I’m not famous yet, but I’ll still answer any questions you have. LOL

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