1/3 with a stolen base?

I’ll take it.

He didn’t hit one out of Yankee Stadium, but he got a hit, he stole a base, and he generally aquitted himself quite well.  I must admit, I haven’t been this interested in the All Star Game in quite some time.  Probably since Toronto hosted it waaaay back in the 90s.

And judging from this photo at the Red Carpet parade today, he’s been enjoying the goings-on as well.  Hopefully the same goes for all the new people who have stumbled upon this blog through various searches the past couple days as well.


2 Responses to 1/3 with a stolen base?

  1. ejahnke says:

    Not a bad performance at all…and one he never thought could happen (many didn’t after 2001-2002).

    Very proud of him.

    I picked up a black printing plate today of his Beckett cover…my goal is to get that signed ASAP and get it on my wall…

  2. That will look sweet – black plates are always the best looking ones.

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