So close…

Whew!  What a ride!  I really wish I would have been able to post a picture of Josh hoisting that shiny HR Derby champion trophy, but it wasn’t to be.  That silly rule that makes them reset the number of home runs before the finals I guess.

Regardless.  28 home runs in a single round.  13 in a row.  3 home runs over 500 ft.  35 total home runs.  Yeah, I’d still say the evening was a success for Hamilton.

Quite the success for Clay Council (or is it Counsil) – apologies if I am spelling that wrong.    He was around 80 pitches, which is pretty impressive.  Needless to say, whatever chemistry they had back in North Carolina easily transferred to New York.

Congratulations on the fine showing in the HR Derby.  Winning over Yankee Stadium that quickly and completely is an impressive accomplishment in itself.  35 home runs, most of them huge shots was icing on the cake.


4 Responses to So close…

  1. recordstyle says:

    AMAZING night for him! (little sore on the inside that he didn’t win it all… but…) as a local to Yankee stadium i’ve hardly seen it rock so hard in the decades i’ve been here. Good job Josh! (HA-MIL-TON! repeat 10x)

    ps – check out the ebay prices on cards tonight – INSANE jump in price!!!!

  2. Yeah, I won’t be in the buying market for the next few days at least.

    Getting your name chanted in Yankee Stadium is a pretty huge honour.

  3. Dave says:

    Simply unbelievable! I am now on the Josh Hamilton bandwagon. Check out my new blog post on him 🙂

  4. The Dude says:

    I’m a life-long Rangers fan, and now, I think I have a man-crush on this guy. He’s freakin’ awesome!

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