Batting third and starting in center field….

I don’t quite know what to expect from the All Star Game itself tonight.  Can Hamilton go out and top what he did last night?  Will someone offer Clay Counsil a job throwing BP?  (He has a rubber arm, I don’t think I could throw 80 pitches).  I bet I could throw my age though, so we are even on that count.

I’ve come up with a couple things I think are fairly certain for this evening though.  One at bat.  Maybe two, depending on how fast they get through the order, but I can’t see him playing more than three innings in the field, so how ever many ABs that corresponds to.  In addition to the one AB – I’m thinking he gets a huge reception at Yankee Stadium tonight.  Another round of name chanting would be cool as well, but I’m thinking he’d have to homer for that to happen.

On my wish list of things to happen:  Hamilton steps to the plate in the bottom of the first, with two runners on and jacks the ball out of Yankee Stadium.  If you are going to wish – wish big.


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