As if I needed another reason to like the guy…

To the left you see Josh Hamilton with Clay Council, of Cary, NC.  Turns out a few years back, Josh said that if he ever made it to the Home Run Derby, he’d get Council to pitch to him.

And that’s exactly what he’ll be doing tonight.

“Throwing to him throughout the years, he’s always hit me so hard.  I would tease him, ‘If you ever have a tryout or get to the Home Run Derby, you better let me throw because you wear me out.’ ”  –Clay Council

“He’s done so much for so many kids and probably hasn’t got a lot of thank yous for it. This is a big thank you.”  –Josh Hamilton

I’m really looking forward to the Derby tonight.  Nothing personal against Mr. Council, but I hope Hamilton rocks him.


12 Responses to As if I needed another reason to like the guy…

  1. Spiff says:

    Nice to see someone like Hamilton keeping his word.

  2. ejahnke says:

    I hope it comes down to Hamilton and Berkman…then I do not care who wins, I’d be thrilled either way.

  3. I was thinking it would be either Hamilton or Berkman. With the news that Berkman was going to be batting righty in the Derby, I think Hamilton has the edge.

  4. Spiff says:

    Berkman went left and killed the ball in the first round – 8!

  5. Morneau ties him. Nice to see after Reilly says he didn’t see why he should be there….

  6. Spiff says:

    28 and counting! WOW!!!

  7. Spiff says:

    New record for the first round. Josh rocks!

  8. ejahnke says:

    That was amazing…chanting “Hamilton” in Yankee Stadium?

    No way anyone could write a better script. I am so happy for the guy.

  9. ejahnke says:

    P.S. Enough Reggie Jackson, call the action!

  10. ejahnke says:

    Poor Justin Morneau…he’s the winner, but nobody cares!

    He is handling it with complete class though!

  11. Canadians are good like that. Good on Morneau for winning, and good on Hamilton for putting on such a show.

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