A diversion: 2008 UD Piece of History Box Break

Here’s the goods from a box of 2008 UD Piece of History that I broke today.  Its a fun break, I was hoping for a Hollywood memorabilia card that I needed for my set, and maybe a few Hamilton cards.  Got skunked on the Hamiltons, but I did pull a Hollywood memorabilia that I needed.  Here’s the breakdown.  Rookies and Historical Moments aren’t listed – let me know if you want all the details about those.

Stadium Scenes – Hafner (SS18) /75, Randy Johnson (SS1), /699, Pedro Martinez (SS33) /699

Franchise History – Hafner (FH17) /99

Cut from the Same Cloth – Damon / Damon (CSC-DD) /149, Varitek / Matsuzaka (CSC-JD) /799, Griffey, Jr. / Dunn (CSC-GD) / 75

Box Score Memories – Carlos Lee (BSM-27) /699

Timeless Moments – Ryan Howard (TM-38) /699, Johan Santana (TM-33) /699

Franchise Memories – Hernandez / Bedard / Beltre / Johjima (FM4-12) /799, Jeter / Cano / Giambi (FM3-15) /799

Inserts Numbered /100 or less

Yankee Stadium Legacy – 1641, 1666, 1691, 1716

Red Parallels – Brian McCann (9) /149, Erick Threets (140) /149 (Damaged Corner)


Game Used Jerseys

Hollywood Memorabilia

There`s one that I needed for my set – its a shirt that Jim Carrey wore while filming Bruce Almighty.  I am making good progress with this set – I picked up one of the SPs on Friday, so only two of those left.

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