2008 Allen & Ginter Box Break – the details

July 30, 2008

Here’s the text version of the break.  Scans should be upcoming.  Maybe.  Again, softball has taken over my life.  In our first playoff game yesterday, my brother hit a walk off home run on the first pitch of the inning though, so I can’t really complain about any of that.

N43: Ryan Howard

Relics: Ichiro Jersey, Chipper Jones Jersey, Jermaine Dye Jersey (pinstripe), Jay Gibbons bat

World’s Greatest Victory Code Card: 2004 ALCS

World Leaders Minis: Michelle Bachelet Jeria (Chile); Vladimir Vladmiovich Putin (Russia)

Baseball Icons Minis: Honus Wagner

Ancient Icons Minis: Confucius

No Numbered Minis: Justin Masterson

Black Bordered Minis: Rampage Jackson, Empire State Building

Regular Minis: Wang (53); Bowker (99); Hoffman (114); Shelley (158); Picasso (172); Putz (205); Douglass (227); Blackburn (253); Van dam (278); Feliz (293); Ethier (318); Drew (325)

A&G Back Minis: Thomas (68); Mitchell (119); Bonderman (222); Oswalt (225); Bruce (273)

States: Schilling; Bannister; Milledge; Markakis; Granderson; Blake; Papelbon; Stauffer; Teixera; Varitek; Gordon; Jeter; Rodriguez; Ellsbury; Konerko; Ellis; Helton; Lyon; Wright; Buck

I am doing the base set, black bordered mini set, and base mini set for myself.  I was pretty pleased with the four relics.  I started off with the Gibbons bat and Dye jersey and was feeling pretty glum if those were going to be my two hits for the box.  Then the Ichiro and Jones surfaced, and I was a lot happier.  The Masterson NNO was a nice bonus as well.  Comments and questions about my break are welcome.

2008 A&G Box Break – the important stuff!

July 29, 2008

You guys didn’t think ‘the important stuff’ would be something else, did you?  Suffice to say, these cards are beautiful, and there is nothing better than pulling a card of ‘your guy’.

I don’t have time for the full breakdown of my box here.  I have a softball playoff game shortly, and I have a bad wheel from an ill advised slide in last night’s game.  I hope to get a full breakdown up tomorrow, but we shall see.

Don’t worry, I am not witholding a giant pull from you guys – no 1/1s, or weird hair cards here.   Just what I think was a nice solid box that got me a big stack of cards I like.  I’m not greedy.  If I could get that every time I opened a box, I’d do it much more often!

100 RBIs

July 28, 2008

across the field wall

Originally uploaded by Boston Wolverine

Hamilton hit his 100th RBI earlier this weekend. I have been busy with my softball playoffs, so I haven’t had a chance to make a post commemorating this. I was browsing Flickr to see if there were any awesome pictures I could use to commemorate the moment. Lots of Home Run Derby shots, lots of generic hitting and fielding shots. And then I found this one.

I know Hamilton has expressed his regret about his tattoos, but they make him one of the only ball players I have ever seen who is recognizable from the elbows down. Its also a great shot of him signing autographs for fans. Something he apparently does quite frequently.

Congratulations on 100 RBIs. Is it too much to hope for 100 more?

Ginter Wood Mini 1/1 Tracker

July 24, 2008

If you are observant, you might notice that there is a new Link at the top of my blog.  If you didn’t notice it, take a quick peek, I’ll wait.  I have decided to attempt to keep track of the 1/1 Wood Minis from A&G as they surface.  I keep an eye on most major hobby sites, and eBay, so hopefully I can catch most of them.  If I missed one, or you happen to hear of one locally – I’d appreciate it if you could post a comment, or drop me an email.  If you can get a scan – that’s even better.  If I have scans, I’ll link them from the player name on the listing.

This has partly arose out of my selfish desire to track down the Hamilton 1/1, and also because I am just a little bit obsessive.  I doubt the Hamilton is in my budget (maybe it is in the box I have incoming), but I’d settle for getting to take a nice look at it.

And just for completeness – the tracker can be found here. I might move it, as I don’t really like the way Word Press renders the table, but if I can futz around with it a bit more, I might find something I like.  Any help on the project is appreciated.  I’ll update stats on it periodically as well.

Moments & Milestones 1/1

July 22, 2008

One of the mini projects for my Hamilton collection has been piecing together the Topps Moments & Milestones sets from this year, commemorating Hamilton’s 47 RBIs for the Reds last season.  Some people don’t like this idea for a set, and I understand that – its not for everybody.  I will admit, just from looking at the sell sheet info, I had no idea what was going on.  Once I saw the cards, I was good to go, and set about working on the sets.  My dream come true – a set of Josh Hamilton cards.  I am currently mostly done the base set /150, and picking away slowly at the Blacks (/25) and Blues (/10).

Why is this notable for today?  I could be posting about the fact that Hamilton homered last night (22nd on the season, I have lost count of his RBI total), I know.  When I checked my email this morning, the card to the left was the first one in my emailed “Hamilton Moments” search.  As an aside – you have no idea how many Precious Moments plates and dolls and such get listed with the word “Hamilton” in the title.  I’m still not sure what’s up with that.  The point it – this is maybe only the second 1/1 (it might even be the first) that I have seen out of the product.  At least Hamilton wasn’t one of the guys who ended up with a stack of overprinted 1/1s.

I don’t think I will be taking a run at this one.  I would eventually like to get a 1/1 from the set to top off my collection, but I want to wait until my other sets are closer to completion.  Having half finished projects around the house really annoys me.

One other reason for focusing on Moments & Milestones – I have been trying to get my 2008 sets to the 75% mark before the 2009 issues come out.  RBIs and Home Runs seem to be popular stats, and if Hamilton makes the cut again – those are going to be some monster sets.  His home run total could be close to his RBIs from last season, and his RBI total is just going to be, well – huge.

Wikipedia shenanigans

July 17, 2008

I love the word ‘shenanigans.’  I think most people do.  Especially those who love “Super Troopers” as much as I do.  I still can’t believe they got Brian Cox to play that part.

Back to the topic at hand.  This is Josh Hamilton’s Wikipedia page. Yes, in addition to being a card geek, I also sometimes engage in sideline geekery at Wikipedia. I can’t help it. I started when I was writing a paper at work. No, I don’t use it as a reliable source, that would be foolishness, and I’d fail anyone who used it as a source for any type of research. I was stuck trying to write, so I figured I would go somewhere else and write. Wikipedia ended up as that place.

After that little aside… Josh Hamilton’s Wikipedia page is pretty good. Its got a great picture (a rarity, as Wikipedia needs free images, so people have to donate them), and a bunch of text. Complimentary, but not especially creepy. The talk page for his article is where it gets interesting, specifically the section ‘Hello’. Yes, someone signed up for Wikipedia, under the username Josh Hamilton, and is offering to answer questions. And yes, someone immediately showed up to tell ‘Josh’ that he couldn’t do that.

And yes, its been a slow news day with no ball yesterday.  Hopefully, everyone is getting recharged to take a run at the second half of the season.

1/3 with a stolen base?

July 16, 2008

I’ll take it.

He didn’t hit one out of Yankee Stadium, but he got a hit, he stole a base, and he generally aquitted himself quite well.  I must admit, I haven’t been this interested in the All Star Game in quite some time.  Probably since Toronto hosted it waaaay back in the 90s.

And judging from this photo at the Red Carpet parade today, he’s been enjoying the goings-on as well.  Hopefully the same goes for all the new people who have stumbled upon this blog through various searches the past couple days as well.

Batting third and starting in center field….

July 15, 2008

I don’t quite know what to expect from the All Star Game itself tonight.  Can Hamilton go out and top what he did last night?  Will someone offer Clay Counsil a job throwing BP?  (He has a rubber arm, I don’t think I could throw 80 pitches).  I bet I could throw my age though, so we are even on that count.

I’ve come up with a couple things I think are fairly certain for this evening though.  One at bat.  Maybe two, depending on how fast they get through the order, but I can’t see him playing more than three innings in the field, so how ever many ABs that corresponds to.  In addition to the one AB – I’m thinking he gets a huge reception at Yankee Stadium tonight.  Another round of name chanting would be cool as well, but I’m thinking he’d have to homer for that to happen.

On my wish list of things to happen:  Hamilton steps to the plate in the bottom of the first, with two runners on and jacks the ball out of Yankee Stadium.  If you are going to wish – wish big.

So close…

July 15, 2008

Whew!  What a ride!  I really wish I would have been able to post a picture of Josh hoisting that shiny HR Derby champion trophy, but it wasn’t to be.  That silly rule that makes them reset the number of home runs before the finals I guess.

Regardless.  28 home runs in a single round.  13 in a row.  3 home runs over 500 ft.  35 total home runs.  Yeah, I’d still say the evening was a success for Hamilton.

Quite the success for Clay Council (or is it Counsil) – apologies if I am spelling that wrong.    He was around 80 pitches, which is pretty impressive.  Needless to say, whatever chemistry they had back in North Carolina easily transferred to New York.

Congratulations on the fine showing in the HR Derby.  Winning over Yankee Stadium that quickly and completely is an impressive accomplishment in itself.  35 home runs, most of them huge shots was icing on the cake.

As if I needed another reason to like the guy…

July 14, 2008

To the left you see Josh Hamilton with Clay Council, of Cary, NC.  Turns out a few years back, Josh said that if he ever made it to the Home Run Derby, he’d get Council to pitch to him.

And that’s exactly what he’ll be doing tonight.

“Throwing to him throughout the years, he’s always hit me so hard.  I would tease him, ‘If you ever have a tryout or get to the Home Run Derby, you better let me throw because you wear me out.’ ”  –Clay Council

“He’s done so much for so many kids and probably hasn’t got a lot of thank yous for it. This is a big thank you.”  –Josh Hamilton

I’m really looking forward to the Derby tonight.  Nothing personal against Mr. Council, but I hope Hamilton rocks him.