Another Cover….

Josh Hamilton Beckett Baseball CoverThe hits just keep coming for Josh Hamilton.  Given the way his cards have taken off along with his stats, it was only a matter of time before he was recognized by a hobby magazine as well.  Great picture on this issue of Beckett Baseball.  Looks like I will have to hit up my local shop to add this one to my collection of Josh Hamilton magazine covers.  This will double the size of my collection – I am now up to 2.

Thanks to ejahnke at the Beckett Behind the Scenes Blog for hooking me up with the image of the cover.  Maybe I’ll just print out a bunch of copies, and then Josh can be on the cover of all my Becketts…..


3 Responses to Another Cover….

  1. Mario A. says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous. Now you just have to get it signed.

    …and why hasn’t Eric hooked me up with all the cover images of Jose on Beckett? 😦

  2. ejahnke says:

    Mario, I am not sure the world even HAD digital images way back then…:)

    Now I feel real old…

  3. Spiff says:

    That is a great cover. Good enough that I had to post it as well. Would love to see it autographed.

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