This card looks really familiar….

2008 Topps Opening DayToday’s mail brought what is probably going to be Hamilton’s last card that is issued of him in a Reds uniform, barring the inevitable flashback sets and such.  Or is it the first card of him in a Rangers uniform?  Heck, it appears to be both.

When i was looking at the Topps Series 2 single of Josh, I thought it was weird that his arm bands had #33 on them, as he had spent all his time with the Rangers wearing jersey #32.  With the arrival of this single, it became clear that it wasn’t weirdness I was seeing – it was laziness on Topps part.  To their credit, they did a fine job of airbrushing / Photoshopping Josh into a Texas Ranger.  I just don’t see why they bothered.  It seems silly to not include him in Topps Series 1 (presumably because you don’t have any updated photos) only to include him in two sets later in the year using the same picture in both its original and unaltered formats.

I can kind of understand using the Photoshop for Series 2.  Maybe. 2008 Topps Series 2 Even though Bowman came out very close to the same time, and had a picture (presumably authentic) of him in his Rangers duds, and I am sure the photographer took more than one of him that day, maybe they were all out of focus or something.  I just don’t understand going back to the Reds version of the picture for the Opening Day set.  Its completely and totally illogical.  They obviously had both Rangers pictures, and created Rangers pictures – why not just use one of those?!?  For a set called Topps Opening Day 2008, it seems like a strange decision to revert back to 2007.


2 Responses to This card looks really familiar….

  1. Spiff says:

    Not the first time I have seen Topps do this. I have several cards that they do that on. Perhaps one of the worst was from a couple of years ago. On the regular Topps card Brad Wilkerson was pictured in a Nationals uniform but listed on the card as a Texas Ranger. In the Opening Day set the same photo had been airbrushed into a Ranger. Since they are both listed as Rangers cards I have both and it makes the artwork very noticible.

  2. jv says:

    Everybody is beating me to the punch on this post…lol!! First Mario did a great post about same photo / multiple cards on Bumgarner, and then Dave did one about a player in a uniform they hadn’t worn in over 1/2 a year. Now this!

    I think I know what my next “gripes” post will be about… My wife always says, “If there is a already a bandwagon, it’s too late to jump on.” But, I’m gonna have to put my two cents in…

    Great post…

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