First Rangers Cards!

2008 Bowman Base Today brought my first card of Josh in his (not so new anymore) Texas Rangers duds. Spiff over at his Texas Rangers Cards blog, debuted his first Rangers Hamilton pickup a short while ago with a Topps Texas Rangers issue. I haven’t managed to snag that one yet, but I did receive a package containing some 2008 Bowman singles. I picked up the base, gold parallel and blue parallel (/500) in one fell swoop. This is likely to be one of my first completed mini-projects, as I already have the orange parallel incoming as well. The Red 1/1 will obviously be a bit tougher, but I will be fine showing them off sans 1/1.

2008 Bowman Blue ParallelA bit of an odd photograph on this one. Looks like he is cleaning up after practice, as by my count, he just released four balls from his hand. Regardless, my collection now has some Rangers cards in it, and some definite focus. I have a few Topps & Upper Deck Series 2 singles incoming, as well as a bunch more Moments & Milestones singles for those ‘sets.’

4 Responses to First Rangers Cards!

  1. recordstyle says:

    Josh probably could hit all four of those balls at once if they were pitched at him in four different locations and put all four of them into the bleachers…

    Anyone else notice the continuing skyrocketing of card prices on ebay? (jumping up by 5-10$’s easily compared to the dollar jumps only a few weeks back…)

  2. thehamiltonian says:

    His card values have been creeping up every week. Some cards have doubled or tripled since the off-season. Its kind of intimidating.

  3. Spiff says:

    Nice looking cards. I need to get a some of those as well.

  4. Gellman says:

    Man, he freaking killed the ball against my Twins, I hope you pick up those cards, he is going to be a beast!

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