Cover Boy!

June 2, 2008 SI Cover“If I did something stupid, something I shouldn’t be doing, it would be all over the nation. I would be such a hypocrite, I’d let everyone down. That’s why I go to the ballpark, and I go home. Park. Home. Park. Home.” – Josh Hamilton

Great quote by Josh from the June 2, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated, where he is the focus of the cover story. It covers a lot of the same stuff that has already been covered in countless other stories, but it covers some new ground as well. Well worth a read, and it is awesome to see him getting on the cover. I was hoping he’d get a cover somewhere. Also an interesting tidbit, where he says he finds baseball ‘boring’ to watch. Probably because he doesn’t get to watch himself.

This now begins my quest to track down a copy of the magazine here. I’d love to get it signed, but I can’t see Hamilton doing many signings in Saskatchewan in the near future. Love the picture on the front.  Its amazing how great a picture can be when it focuses on something other than what you’d expect – a cover photograph that doesn’t even picture his face.


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