A random collection of quotes I have stumbled across while reading throughout the day….

“There are very few guys I really like to watch play, and he’s a guy I like to watch play, He’s got sick power to all fields. Every year you hear people say, ‘Yeah, we drafted this kid, he’s a five-tool player,’ and you never see it. This guy is a true five-tool guy”   –Eddie Guardado

“He’s really a freak of nature.”  –Lance Berkman

“He’s just got it all. … All you can do is sit back and say, ‘Wow!”  –Gerald Laird

“He’s got uncanny power. There’s a lot of guys that have a lot of big pop in BP and stuff, but this guy’s for real in-game power.”  –Rudy Jaramillo

“He missed four years and then he comes to the big leagues and basically is a man amongst boys.”  –Ian Kinsler

“He’s one of those guys you can’t make a mistake to.”  –Brian Bass

“He does absolutely everything, and busts his butt everyday.”  –CJ Wilson


One Response to Quotes…

  1. Spiff says:

    Nice grand slam Josh hit last night to help sink Tampa Bay. If Texas wants to win consistently they have to beat the hot teams. Having Hamilton helps.

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