That crazy eBay….

As I posted a few days ago, one of the reasons I haven’t been picking up a ton of Hamilton cards lately is because he is hitting the bejesus out of the ball.  Another is that I haven’t been doing a whole lot of selling on eBay lately because I have been a bit disturbed at the turn some of their policies have taken.

Ebay has changed it so that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers.  Interesting.  To me, that doesn’t really make it feedback anymore.  Its more like in kindergarten when everyone just gets ‘Good’ written on their papers, as opposed to an accurate ranking of how they did.  I understand it in kindergarten – I mean kids have 12 years to be disillusioned with the education system, might as well start them out easy.  I don’t really understand it on eBay.  I’d like to think everyone on eBay has made it past kindergarten successfully.

In my time on eBay, I have left exactly one negative feedback.  I was selling some DVDs, and within about 5 minutes of the auction ending, the guy emailed me to say that he wasn’t paying because he hadn’t won all of the ones he was bidding on.  Lovely.  So, its not like I neg buyers willy nilly.  I just don’t like having my options taken away from me.  The changes were enacted to protect buyers from retaliatory negatives, and to encourage honest feedback.  But apparently, only for sellers.  Buyers get the kindergarten treatment.

I have given this a lot of thought – as I am not arguing that eBay’s feedback system is perfect.  I have pointed out flaws in it well before they announced their later changes.  I had also proposed a few simple changes that would improve things.

Namely – feedback needs to be ‘blind’ until both parties have left it.  Seller leaves feedback whenever they feel like it, and buyer does likewise.  Once both the buyer and seller have left their feedback – the comments and ratings are released to their profiles.  This system is not perfect, but I think it gives the chance for much more honest feedback going both ways, as opposed to sellers getting honest feedback, and buyers getting pats on the back.  Potentially, negative feedback could be combined with the dispute system already in place, to trigger either the non-paying bidder (NPB) or non-performing seller (NPS) processes.  There are lots of possibilities.  This could also address those eBay members who just don’t bother to leave feedback at all – their ranking will suffer.

Those are just my thoughts that have been rattling around in my head.  Feel free to poke holes in my master plan, or maybe even offer up some kudos.  And for those of you who tune in looking for Hamilton cards – don’t worry, my first cards of him in a Rangers uni are in transit.


2 Responses to That crazy eBay….

  1. falcioni says:

    Great ideas about the feedback system. I still can’t believe they’re actually implementing the new setup. I honestly thought they’d get so much flack from sellers that they’d decide against it.

  2. huperoyalty says:

    Can you add me to your sportscards links?


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