Moments & Milestones

When I first heard about this set – all I could think was ‘How can they do that to collectors?’  Then I started looking, started researching, and I realized that it was actually a pretty neat idea.  Basically, it gives me a Josh Hamilton set to work on.  No other players messing up my beautiful binder pages – just Josh.  Initially when I saw the idea, I figured I would pick up one version of each card, and then settle back in for the next release, but the ‘base cards’ have been reasonable to pick up, and even some of the parallels have fallen into place quite quickly.  It helps that they are very nice looking cards.

It also helps that Hamilton got paired with a ‘reasonable’ stat in my mind.  47 RBIs.  Enough to keep it interesting, and look nice when it is displayed, but not enough to be discouraging.


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