First Rangers Custom…

Hamilton Rangers CustomI finally found a nice Rangers picture to make my first custom card for Hamilton this season.  This is a pretty quick one, but I really like the way it turned out.  I am planning to try to get this card signed TTM either during spring training or during the season.  Hence the largely scaled back version posted here.  I’d like to keep it as ‘original’ as possible for a while.  I love the picture of him as a Red, and paired with the picture from spring training, I think it fits the ‘Return to the Bigs’ title I gave the card very well. 

Thanks for the look, more card scans this weekend – it was a busy week with no time to scan!


2 Responses to First Rangers Custom…

  1. Spiff says:

    Nice card. I am excited about Texas getting Hamilton and am looking forward to picking up cards of him in a Rangers uniform.

  2. JT says:

    That’s a cool card man. I used the same Rangers photo for the “fun card” set that Mike and I are working on. I like your design too.

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