An earlier sighting

   An earlier tattoo sighting!  This one illustrates the oddities of baseball card photography and chronology.  My previous blog about Hamilton’s first visible tattoo featured a 2002 Upper Deck minor league card with a tattoo on his right forearm.  In the mail today is a 2003 Topps Total card, with a tattoo on his right bicep.  Oddly, this photo must predate the 2002 shot, as the forearm tattoo is not visible.  It looks like Topps might have just gone into the vault and pulled out some photo shoot pictures, as Hamilton’s jersey isn’t even crested.

I realize that’s a rather odd thing to focus on for a blog entry, but I like noticing these little things about my cards, it makes collecting more fun.  This was the first thing to jump out at me when I was opening my mail today.  As I sort, checklist and store my cards from today, I’m sure I will have a few other things to point out.  Twenty four different Hamilton singles in my mailbox today.  A great day, and it is good to knock a bunch of cards off at once. 

Just as a bit of a preview for some of the other cards that showed up today – there was a 2007 Topps Chrome Red Refractor, some 2007 UD Goudey singles, and some very cool early 2000-ish Topps Gold Label cards.  Its my best Hamilton mail day to date.  Both in quantity and quality.

The Topps Total card is also my first single from the 2003 card season.  I have a few seasons that still haven’t started – 1999, as I am waiting to see just what I am going to do about the rookie year issues, whether I might stray towards graded issues or not.  Hamilton only has one card in 2006 and two mini helmets in 2004, according to Beckett’s checklists.  As of this point in time, that’s what I am working from.  I don’t need to go looking for really oddball, unclassified stuff just yet!


One Response to An earlier sighting

  1. Joe says:

    It looks like he is wearing a polo shirt and not a jersey. I got your auto card out today. Not sure how long it will take going to Canada.

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