A couple of firsts…

Josh Hamilton Jersey CardYesterday’s mail brought a couple of firsts with it.  The most obvious one was my first game used memorabilia card for my collection.  A minor league jersey card from a 2002 Upper Deck Minors set.  Very cool looking set design.  Clean and simple, with a pretty big swatch.  This isn’t the first memorabilia card issued of Josh, but it is one of the early ones.

The other first, is that as of right now (which I admit is a limited sample size) this is the first cardboard appearance of a visible tattoo on Josh.  Looking at some of his more recent cards, this artwork on his right forearm has undergone some serious additions and is barely recognizable, at least to my untrained eyes.  When I opened the envelope, the tattoo was one of the first things I noticed about this card.  The back of this card also mentions some of his back problems, which led to his troubles.

I’ve always had a fondness for game used jersey cards that were a bit off the beaten path, like minor league sets.  While they never seem to hold any great ‘value’ I prefer them to major league issues if the opportunity presents itself.  And of course, being any colour other than plain white is a bonus.  I picked this card up off ebay, for what I felt was a perfectly reasonable price ($4 + shipping).  I still have many cards to pick up, and I am trying to do that in an orderly manner, but every so often a card shows up that just looks cool, and I need to pick it up.  This was one of them.

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