A mini post

Black Bordered Mini I’ve always loved mini cards.  They are so cool looking.  Yes, they are a pain to sort, and even worse to store, but its like having all the good things about a card, concentrated into a smaller package.

As far as storage – they are awful for player collections.  I am a binder person, and I like to keep everything in order, so I can flip through and see what I need, and what I have.  These little guys slide around too much in the normal 9-pocket pages.  There are 15 pocket pages out there that fit these cards like a glove, but it rarely happens that I start a run of minis when I need to start a new page, so it throws that off as well.  Bottom line – I love mini cards, but they can be a giant pain as well.

As an outside observer of baseball cards, Allen & Ginter was one of my favorite sets to look at.  Now that I actually have a card from that set in hand, I am even more impressed.  They are just fantastic looking.  The black borders on the mini pictured here look excellent, but I am glad they just used them for a parallel. Something tells me A&G is one of those sets that look amazing when you line all the parallels up next to one another.  That should be fun.  Its my only little way of reducing entropy in the universe.  Every time a run of parallels gets completed, somewhere a building collapses to keep the universe in balance.


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