Starting out

Starting a player collection can be kind of daunting.  Even moreso in my case, as it was in a sport with which I was not entirely familiar.  I am mainly a hockey card collector.  I am a fan of all sports, but my collecting has been focused mainly on one sport. 

I didn’t just wake up one morning, decide to collect Josh Hamilton and then hit ebay shortly after.  I did some research, found a checklist, checked book values and completed listings on ebay and then made a few purchases. 

I decided to strike a balance between picking up a few nice, high end pieces and knocking off bulk commons that I would need to get eventually anyways.  Best place to look for high end singles?  Ebay of course.  Finding lots of commons and low end parallels from 5 years ago is a bit trickier.  It is usually difficult to find these cards listed on ebay.  Sportlots is by far the best source for this type of purchase.  It takes a bit of digging to find sellers with exactly what you are looking for, but the shipping is very reasonable, and a wealth of cards can be found.

I have made purchases of small lots from several different sellers, and they have started to trickle in already.  This is allowing me to catch up on styles and designs for several different sets at once, and there are definitely some cool items out there that I have missed out on.  From the lot that arrived on Friday, I pulled out this 2001 Topps HD single as my favorite.  Its on a thick, plastic type stock, which I like.  Its also neat to see Hamilton in these early issues, sans tattoos.

2001 Topps HD


One Response to Starting out

  1. Joe says:

    HD is one of the best sets for player and team collectors Topps put out. The photos are sharp and clean. The 2000 HD of Sean Casey is priceless.

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