By the numbers

I spent yesterday getting my checklists and binder organized for my Hamilton collection.  I keep everything in an Excel spreadsheet, sorted by year with various notations for cards I have, cards I need, cards that are pending, and cards that are incoming. 

Hamilton Statistics

I think I’ll probably do weekly updates in this format to track my progress more quantitatively, rather than just having scans to show off everyday.  It should be interesting to look back and track how fast my colelction has grown.  I do not have 2008 up there just yet, I believe Hamilton only has two cards to date, an All Rookie Team autograph in Upper Deck, and he shares billing on a Josh Beckett Season in Review, although he doesn’t actually appear on the card.  There will probably be more to come shortly.


One Response to By the numbers

  1. Joe says:

    This is an interesting blog. I am liking the breakdown you are doing of Hamilton cards by year. I only have 4cards of hi if you are interested.
    2000 Topps No. 449 Draft Picks w/ Corey Meyers
    2000 Topps Gold Label Prospector’s Dream
    2000 Topps Gold Label End of the Rainbow
    2002 Topps Autograph TA-JH

    The auto is a good looking card if you have not seen it yet. Let me know.


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