An Introduction…

Welcome to my blog that theoretically should follow the growth of my fledgling Josh Hamilton baseball card collection.  This collection is just starting out, and my plan is for my posts to focus on some of my pickups, progress, etc.

As of right now, Hamilton has somewhere north of 600 cards issued.  I currently have about 20-ish.  This blog will be tracking completion percentage by year, set, and whatever other ways I can pull out of the Excel Spreadsheet I use to  keep track of everything.

Oh, and as for the title.  Its my geek side coming out.  In quantum mechanics, the Hamiltonian is the operator associated with the total system energy.  When operating on a wavefunction, the Hamiltonian produces the Schrodinger equation.  And then, things get rather complicated.  Don’t worry, that’s probably going to be the last quantum mechanics blog post I make ever.  I hope.

Anyways.  Welcome to my blog, and hopefully things get more interesting than this post.  I think pictures will help.


2 Responses to An Introduction…

  1. Mario C. says:

    Good luck with the blog. I am a Hamilton fan and just traded two nice ones (an auto & game-used bat) so I am hoping for another nice one in ’08 packs.

    I will add your blog to Wax Heaven today.

  2. PunkRockPaint says:

    You have a new fan. I just spent an hour or so reading the majority of your posts, after linking to your blog from a staggeringly insightful comment you made on Treasure Never Buried. I really enjoy your style. The cards you made are great. Inspiring stuff (the cards and Hamilton himself.) Making cards has become a bigger hobby for me than collecting. You can see my “collection” of San Diego musician/artist cards on myspace. or

    I really need to get a better place to display them. Your blog has inspired me to start my own (Yes, you are witness to an epiphany. A very slowly typed epiphany…)

    I look forward to reading more and seeing your collection grow. If I find the time I will send a Hamilton “card” your way.

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